Organic Planting

Satoyama views the natural tropical rainforest plants as a source for vital active compounds to enhance the growth and health of poultry. Therefore, it is working towards its pilot production of its own poultry feed based on tropical sustainable sourced ingredients to replace temperate sourced ones.

What’s Permaculture

How We Do Our Planting

Organic Plants We Have At The Farm

Butterfly Pea

Antioxidants, helps in fatigue, revitalize the brain and increase energy.

Misai Kucing

Helps prevent gout, kidney stones and high-blood pressure


Treat high blood pressure, cholera, diabetes, fever and cough.


Contains Vitamin A – improving eyesight and Vitamin C – antioxidant.

Water Spinach

Reduce oxidative stress, helps prevent cancer and reduce blood pressure levels.

Jack Fruit

Prevents the development of heart diseases, diabetes and control blood sugar.

Black Face General

Helps reduce body heatiness and detoxifies the body of toxins.


Helps with nausea, fatigue, headaches, cold and flu.


Helps in fatigue, anxiety, depression, improve memory and blood clots in legs.


Helps lower the risk of stroke, heart attacks and blood clots.


Helps manage blood sugar, lower blood pressure and promotes gut health.


Reduce risk of cancer, suppress inflammation & eases digestion.


Antioxidants, helps lower blood sugar level and reduce inflammation.


Treat high blood pressure and improve immune system.

Red Ginger

Treat nausea and helps remove excess gas from body


Improves Digestions, reduces fatigue and has anti-stress effect.


Provides energy, good for skin health and helps aid digestion.

We encourage pollinators to the farm by using a host of flowers.
Certain flowers also secrete natural chemicals to repel pests.

Cosmos Sulphureus


Air Mata Pengantin

Our Plants Are myOrganic Certified

Organic Planting Research Milestones

May 2018 – University Putra Malaysia (UPM), Bintulu

Dr. Phebe Ding

Processing, packaging and shelf life of herbs for commercialization

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