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what we do

Organic Plant Helps Life Go Right

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    Our farmers work with the nature, for the nature and within the nature, respecting every element of the nature during organic farming. The main objective in case of organic farming offers to replenish to the nature whatever the nature takes in constantly.

The Planting

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  • Using a variety of plants to create an environment that supports the growth of others;
  • Ground cover crops like Peanuts one as a nitrogen fixer;
  • Tall bamboo to shade plants from heat.

What's Permaculture?

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  • A practical method of developing ecologically harmonious, efficient and productive systems that can be used by anyone, anywhere
  • An innovative framework for creating sustainable ways of living
  • Synthetic chemical free
  • Use of bio fertilizers

Expediting our r&D efforts

Collaborating With Other Organizations

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Our R&D Efforts On Organic Plant

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true to our words


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Our plants are certified organic by the Ministry Of Agriculture & Agro-based Industry Malaysia.

what we have

Organic Plants That We Have At Farm

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increase energy

Butterfly Pea

Antioxidants, helps in fatigue, revitalize the brain and increase energy.
reduce body heat

Black Face General

Helps reduce body heatiness and detoxifies the body of toxins.
lower blood sugar level


Antioxidants, helps lower blood sugar level and reduce inflammation.
prevent gout

Misai Kucing

Helps prevent gout, kidney stones and high-blood pressure
help with fatigue


Helps with nausea, fatigue, headaches, cold and flu.
treat high blood pressure


Treat high blood pressure and improve immune system.
Treat high blood pressure, cholera, diabetes, fever and cough


Treat high blood pressure, cholera, diabetes, fever and cough.
help improve memmory


Helps in fatigue, anxiety, depression, improve memory and blood clots in legs.
treat nausea and helps remove excess gas from body

Red Ginger

Treat nausea and helps remove excess gas from body.
contain vitamin A and vitamin C


Contains Vitamin A – improving eyesight and Vitamin C – antioxidant.
organic eggplant


organic okra


organic water spinach

Water Spinach

organic yam


natural organic banana


organic jackfruit

Jack Fruit

organic pineapple


We encourage pollinators to the farm by using a host of flowers. Certain flowers also secrete natural chemicals to repel pests.
natural planting

Cosmos Sulphureus

planting using organic compost


planting using organic compost

Air Mata Pengantin

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