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Organic Chicken Husbandry For The Wellness of Consumers

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Whether fresh eggs or quality meat is your goal, raising healthy animals is essential. It is our first priority at Satoyama Farm to monitor our chicken wellness and practice organic chicken farming.

The Objectives

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To remove the use of antibiotics from the farm Chicken Production Methodology:

Indiscriminate use of Antibiotics in the meat industry has unfortunately lead to the rise of Antibiotic resistance found in bacteria around the world. This has grave implications for human health as infection from these “Super” bugs has resulted in significant illness and cost to the health system.

To promote natural free range farming in broiler industries:

Satoyama chickens are reared in a free range area with living area at 10 square feet is given to each bird. They live in stress-free environment in order to provide better meat quality and savour taste to consumers. In addition, free range broiler is a healthier choice for health concerned consumers, i.e senior citizens, immunocompromised patients and pregnant women. Satoyama chickens are high in energy, fat and protein provision but low in cholesterol content.

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Satoyama's Approach To Eliminate Antibiotics

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