Organic Feed

Whether fresh eggs or quality meat is your goal, raising healthy animals is essential. One of the keys to healthy animals is the quality of their feed. That’s why Satoyama Farm maintains high quality control standards to ensure consistency and quality in every batch of feed we produce.

When organic feeds are your choice, you can trust Satoyama Farm for:

Objectives of Satoyama Organic Feeds

How We Do Our Planting

Key Raw Ingredients for Our Organic Feed

R&D efforts are carried out to find the optimum formula using black soldier fly larvae, bamboo and chlorella as key ingredients for our organic feed.





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Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Organic Feed Research Milestones

May 2017 – University of Philippines

Dr. William Riley

Feed formulation and animal nutrition consultant

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August 2017 – University Putra Malaysia (UPM), Bintulu

Prof. Loh Teck Chwen

Digestibility testing for alternative raw materials – BSFL and bamboo

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December 2017 – Curtin University

Prof. Clem Kuek

BSFL defatting and characterization

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May 2018 – Sarawak Biodiversity Centre (SBC)

Production of a local strain of Chorella (Chorella Sorokiniana) and testing of its effectiveness as a
feed ingredient.

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Organic Feed