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Farm Monitoring Our Intelligent Farming Solutions

intelligent farming solutions

Farms become intelligent. A green revolution is in progress in the world of agriculture and smart farms are taking a leading role: efficient, innovative, dynamic and eco-friendly farms.

Thanks to technology platform with sophisticated algorithms and IT tools, we have adopted monitoring systems designed to diagnose the condition of our farm.

With the collected data, we create a benefit for our farm, collecting detailed data, which becomes an important asset for us and those working in the agricultural and food sectors.

intelligent farming solution

what we have

Datapuri Farm Operation System : Farming Made Easy

farming made easy

what we have

IOT Smart Farming By Swinburne
University Of Technology Sarawak

datapuri farm operation system

To expedite our progress into precision smart agriculture, we are working with Swinburne on IoT. This project involves data collection on our farm.

The prototype software monitors and gathers data such as temperature and humidity for organic compost, plants, BSF and poultry.

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Data Monitoring Method

data monitoring

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