• Satoyama Farm Sdn Bhd is a biotechnology company using research to produce Phytobiotic (Antibiotic Free) and Locally Grown Poultry Feed.
  • By usingĀ  biotechnology and molecular technology, Satoyama Farm Sdn Bhd is in the forefront to change the landscape of farming in Sarawak

  • Living in harmony with Nature


Our Vision

Generate interest in agriculture among the rural youth in Sarawak and cultivating a Research & Development culture among them; working closely with Regulators thereby bringing about the rural economic transformation driven by the private sector.

Our Mission

Use Biotechnology , Molecular technology and Endo-technology to promote the growing of healthy plants and insects to act as poultry feed to rear organic chickens through contract farming and boost the rural income through global marketing.

Our Strategy

Collaborate with Government Research Departments to identify local plants and insects for poultry feed and to use biotechnology and molecular technology to grow the plants abundantly and healthily as well as to produce the immuno-stimulants, poultry feed and herbal tonics.

These know-how and management methodology are to be transferred to the rural communities to enable them grow their own poultry feed.

Satoyama Farm will handle global marketing for their chickens including upscaling for their home-grown plants, poultry feed and herbs.